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    A birth chart reading promises to share astrological insights about your personality, life path, and more. It shows “where the planets were around the Earth at your time of birth. A Birth chart readings are a great tool to get to know yourself on a deeper level. “Throughout life, we are constantly figuring out ourselves, and birth chart readings just make that a bit easier,”To have your birth chart read, you need three components — your birth date, location, and time, down to the exact minute you were born.Your rising sign, reflects the outer face you present to the world, changes every two hours, so you do need to be quite precise.Schedule your Birthchart Session with Sophia today.


Past Life Regression

Clients may find this experience incredibly powerful as our past lives often explain the reasons why we are who we are in this life. Every past life we have experienced is within us. If we obtain a greater understanding of where have come from, we can obtain a greater understanding of where we are going. Our spirits incarnate many times over. Each lifetime is a journey where we choose to integrate different life lessons to provide us with the opportunity to evolve and expand.


You may recognize their beauty and find their presence in your life is beneficial to you. The vibration of some stones is very strong, including most of the quartz varieties, and can be incredibly useful to have close to you.If you feel depressed, stressed or anxious, using one of the powerful lithium based stones is helpful to relieve stress.