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       Imagine you’re offered a roadmap…
And on this roadmap are precise directions pointing you towards your greatest life.

Sophia is one of the modern world’s most revered energy workers: and through her practical, easy-to-follow coaching – which harmonizes both ancient chakra healing wisdom and modern clinical psychology – she is now here to help you decipher your own energetic roadmap. And use it to move towards awe-inspiring outcomes in all dimensions of your life.


Tarot Time Chicago founder and tarot expert Sophia  is known for her genuine, down to earth approach to life that empowers others through her work. As a spiritual teacher, psychic, healer, she has helped thousands with her psychic ability to predict future outcomes and reveal details about a person’s life that brings greater awareness and understanding.

“She tunes into your vibration and share back with you what i received from your spirit guides. You can ask me specific questions; have a general category such a career, relationships, money, health, family, travel or topic of your choice. Through Tarot session she can also tell you what is “on top” meaning what is strongest in your energy field. All you have to do is be your self and remember to breath.


A birth chart reading promises to share astrological insights about your personality, life path, and more. It shows “where the planets were around the Earth at your time of birth. A Birth chart readings are a great tool to get to know yourself on a deeper level. “Throughout life, we are constantly figuring out ourselves, and birth chart readings just make that a bit easier,”To have your birth chart read, you need three components — your birth date, location, and time, down to the exact minute you were born.Your rising sign, reflects the outer face you present to the world, changes every two hours, so you do need to be quite precise.Schedule your Birthchart Session with Sophia today.